About Us

  • The legendary dragon that can create a real fantasy, and the game itself is a beautiful fantasy, which is the origin of our name - Phantom Game. Pursue the ultimate experience and create a dreamland with your heart!

  • We are a high-quality game research and development company driven by technology and innovation. The core members of our team are from EA, inPE, Tencent, Netease, giant, Xishanju and other domestic and foreign first-line manufacturers, focusing on the development of next-generation 3D mobile games.

  • The company has rich experience in 3A level product development, combined with the original art system, and the accumulation of the most advanced technical art to ensure the 3A level art level of the first-line products; Adhere to the continuous investment in technology, iterative and progressive production concept, deeply cultivate the illusory and next-generation production of U3D engine, establish its own technical barriers, and use technical advantages to ensure the international first-line product quality.

  • The core team has many years of development experience, adheres to the accumulation of innovation in the fields of core gameplay, technical solutions and artistic performance, adheres to innovative core gameplay, high-quality production strategies, differentiated experience expression, and continues to develop gameplay driven high-quality games.

  • Phantom game aims to create a world-class game company by designing global boutique mobile games with original boutique content, integrating aesthetic art and mature commercialization ideas.